On Money and Economics:

Harvard Law Professor Christine Desangives a 13 minute presentation on money in the Civil War, and why the defining feature of money should be its "public nature."

Where Does Money Come From? TEDx talk presented by Ole Bjerg, Associate Professor in the Department of Management, Politics and Philosophy at Copenhagen Business School, and co-founder of Gode Penge, an initiative for the democratization of the monetary system. 15 minutes

Mommy, Where Does Money Come From? by former attorney John Titus, using Federal Reserve data. 24 minutes. Also see this brief history from a reading of America's Greatest Monetary Historian Alexander Del Mar by John Titus. 20 minutes Additional historical perspective with respect to the American Struggle is here and here.

Presentation by Joe Bongiovanni at 2013 American Monetary Institute Conference. 46 minutes

Presentation by Jamie Walton at the 2016 AMI Conference explaining how The NEED Act will reduce and eventually eliminate the federal debt, stabilize pension funds and social security, end the fiscal crisis at the state and local level, achieve full employment, pay off student debt, stop the war machine, and much more - ALL without increasing public debt or creating inflation, using current legal structures and accounting practices, and applying - for once - Constitutional dictates. Very thorough, and clearly presented all in under 40 minutes. MUST WATCH!

Have You Noticed We Don't Have Enough Money?. Great tutorial introducing the money problem in under 6 minutes, by a very talented monetary reform activist by the name of Mack Arrington. Don't forget to share with ALL your friends. And be sure to watch the sequel We Want Our $10,000, under 8 minutes. Mack has added two more 8 minute clips. One is entitled "The Money You Should Have Had" and the other is "It's Not the Economy, Stupid, It's the Money System, Dummy."

Changing the Rules of Banking by ex-investment banker Simon Dixon. In 18 short minutes this TED talk clearly and accurately pinpoints the problem and suggests some of the benefits to be expected from a long overdue and much needed solution - which is proper monetary reform. Told from a British perspective, the problem is the same as ours in the United Stats, nonetheless.

97% Owned, long version. Or see short version,useful for public screenings. Made in Britain, this documentary is therefore based on that monetary system - but it's basic elements closely parallels the monetary system used by America, and countries around the world. Very well done and worth the time.

Money As Debt, short version in five parts. Short and good for group presentations. (You would do well to disregard ill-informed comments below the various segments regarding "solutions." The "enemy" is very clearly explained in the documentary itself, and with a bit of extra digging, the solution should become obvious.)

Illuminating 10 minute video clip of a former teacher who wanted to know why drugs were becoming such a problem among his high school students and discovers the connection to the manner in which money is created by the central banks as debt.

Although from a British perspective, the central problem is the same, therefore the numerous videos and explanations regarding the problem of money created as debt by the banking system at this website are well worth exploring.

Ten Principles of Economics, Translated (humor) After watching, ponder the words of Arthur Kitson in the Preface to his 1894 book

Excellent powered sound slide presentation on the Corruption of Our Capital Markets, focusing on rogue hedge funds, short selling, "captured" regulators, the SEC and the resulting problems of "dispersed costs" and "concentrated benefits". A brilliant, if unintended argument against privately owned, for-profit central banks in general and a global monetary system in particular.

Fifteen minute slide presentation segment on various methods of manipulation of economic statistics for the GDP, the CPI, core inflation and other measures of economic health of the nation.

Fourteen minute slide presentation segment on asset bubbles and the new housing crash. Be sure to read our Author's Notes on Inflation, Home Prices and Speculation.

North American Union and the Security and Prosperity Partnership:

Ohio Democratic Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.

Texas Congressman and former Republican Presidential candidate Ron Paul.

News commentator Lou Dobbs.

Excellent 4 part online expose titled NAU: Fact or Fiction? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. Also see this article by Vicky Davis.