A Few Notable Articles

Can Banks Individually Create Money Out of Nothing? The Theories and the Empirical Evidence. Landmark paper by Richard A. Werner.

Modern Money Mechanics published by the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, explains how our modern monetary system works. (This is the standard, long accepted, "official" explanation of how our money is created. Werner's treatise above puts that explanation to rest.)

Benjamin Franklin and the Birth of the Paper Money Economy. An essay based on a lecture given by Professor Farley Grubb on March 30, 2006, at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia

James Madison's Report on Money written in 1779. For two relevant excerpts of this report see "Author's Notes" page on this website.

Gold and Silver As Standards of Money by Lysander Spooner,1878

Paper Money and the Original Understanding of the Coinage Clause by Robert G. Natelson, University of Montana, 31 Harvard J.L. & Pub. Policy 1017, 2008.

The Scholarship of the Original Understanding of the Constitution, with Multiple Articles, Roman Law Sources, Bibliography, Links

Fool's Gold by Robert Carroll, 1998

Foreign Companies Buying US Roads and Bridges. USA Today

Roads to Riches: Why Investors Are Clamoring to Take Over America's Highways, Bridges, and Airports and Why the Public Should Be Nervous. Business Week

The Vast and Dangerous Transfer of American Spying to Mercenary Companies by Chalmers Johnson

Space Privatization: Road to Conflict? by Bruce Gagnon

The Prison Industry: Capitalist Punishment by Julie Light

Summary and text of a Legal Abstract by A. Michael Froomkin titled “Reinventing the Government Corporation” originally published in the Illinois Law Review, 1995 U. Ill. L. Rev. 543.

NAFTA Superhighway/SPP: The Truth is Stranger Than Fiction. Also see The NAFTA Superhighway

Article on the North American Union. Do check out the sources links. Also see our Recommended Video page.

The Politics and Economics of Food by Sally Fallon, August 2003

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