From Dick Distelhorst, member, Board of Directors, American Monetary Institute:

"I have read a great many books about our money problem. The Two Faces of Money is among the very best of them. Part Two is the heart of this book. It describes, clearly and accurately, the many problems caused by our privately owned debt-money creation system and makes very clear that this system is a mathematical impossibility - a system which requires more and more debt, faster and faster - forever - requiring that both debt and our economy expand exponentially in a finite world. This system must and will collapse of its own weight, the only question is how soon. . .The Two Faces of Money also proposes a solution which returns the power to create, issue and regulate our money to the U. S. government, where it has always constitutionally and morally belonged."

From Charles Walters, trained economist, monetary historian, author, and founder of Acres USA:

"Although styled a book on money, The Two Faces of Money, by Geraldine Perry and Ken Fousek, is by no means a dull tome that invites glazed eyes and nodding sleep, as becomes obvious within a few pages of this quick read that soon becomes a page turner. Its focus is money creation, but Two Faces is more. It is social history, political commentary, rational economics -- in a word, real literature with a cadenced flow of facts, exposition and analysis. William Manchester referred to Abraham Lincoln's “dictatorship” in American Caesar, but it remained for Two Faces to make that claim come real.
Fousek and Perry rescue the much-maligned William Jennings Bryan and his intellectual prowess in the opening pages, but defer his magnificent lines for the last section of this scholarly work. "You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns, you shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of gold."
Fousek and Perry line up squarely behind the American Monetary Institute and its proposed monetary act. That act would have done away with the fractional reserve and unpayable interest on money that should be issued by the government, as the Constitution mandates, and not by a government-chartered corporation.
The history of money is complete in this volume, all the way from its documented origin in Babylon to its association with Moloch (the origin of mullah), also known as Mammon. It walks through the high blunders of history, the pretenders who would be national servants and all the way through American history, with the triumph of mendacity and constant assaults on the constitutional provision that "Congress shall coin the money and regulate the value thereof."
There is a subliminal undertow in Two Faces. It is the steady decline of the intellectual status of those who wrote the American instrument for government. It reminds us of a line in Max Shulman's Barefoot Boy With Cheek: "The ignorance I detected in you earlier has now crystallized into a boundless capacity for rationalization." The "you" in this case would refer to the crop in Congress and the Senate.
Too few will match or comprehend the scholarship in Fousek and Perry’s volume. Were more people able to do so, the show would be over for the Federal Reserve."

Reader comments:

OH, MY GOD! I got your book yesterday. . .I just read the first few chapters and I don't know if I can get my jaw off the ground. I knew some of it, but the extent . . .I've put it on the top of my list of recommended books along the sides of my website. Oh, and I wanted to say it's very well written. Very easy to read and riveting. Some of the books I've read on these topics are written so poorly they put me to sleep. Thanks for writing this. Bruce McDonald

I have been studying this stuff for over thirty years, and I have never seen it presented like this. Being a 'gold bug' I never questioned how gold has been used to manipulate our money, our country - and our lives. But what is presented here is so thought-provoking, well-argued and compelling that I know I must share it with others. Eugene, Oregon

This book goes beyond blaming individual politicians for our failings by exposing the underlying causes that contribute to decision-making – ours and theirs. It should be read and re-read again and again, until you are able to carry its message to your own family, friends and neighbors. If you care about America, DO IT NOW! Woodridge, IL.

This book empowers each and every one of us with an amazingly easy-to-understand solution to our political, social and economic woes. San Fransisco, California